Is Wellness Travel For You?

It’s not all about kale smoothies, warrior poses, meditation and a massage. It’s also about biking through vineyards in Tuscany, a visit to the Bamboo forest in Kyoto, a mountain climb or cooking lessons in Italy. Its all about looking inward, learning more about yourself and simply loving you!

Ultimately, we travel to be inspired. We want to connect, relax, give back, and simply give in. We all want to feel better about ourselves.

See what experience resonates most with you:

You work long hours and face enormous stress

If this sounds like you, stop right there and schedule a break immediately. The longer you stay on overdrive the more damage you cause to your mind and body. Trust us, we’ve been there. Many of us are overly stressed and overly stimulated. It’s time to zone out and look within. A wellness journey just may be your salvation!

You want to jumpstart a wellness lifestyle

Whether it’s too much (as in wine and pasta) or too little (as in exercise), a wellness trip is the defibrillation needed to get you on track and on a healthier path. We know the right options to support you.

Your health is a priority at home, so you want to honor your lifestyle while traveling

You make conscious and nourishing lifestyle choices daily. You have a morning ritual that may include some form of fitness and green juice. Some may find you practicing child’s pose at night. We know the best options around the world designed to support and honor your lifestyle choices while you travel.

You’d like to come home from your vacation five pounds lighter (not five pounds heavier)

There are a number of resorts dedicated to supporting healthy eating. Some offer cooking classes and food treks where you can, catch and dine (fishing with the chef before learning how to fillet), or forage and feast (helping the chef pick your veggies before grilling them). Whatever the ingredients, you can choose a resort where the food is locally sourced, packed with nutrition, and bursting with so much flavor that you won’t even notice it’s good for you, too.

You love nature

You enjoy disconnecting and wandering endlessly in nature. There’s something for you - from discovering the Blue Mountains in Australia, rice farms in Vietnam to hiking through Bali, the choices are endless.