Wellness Travel Planning Tips

Identify your goals

Make time before your journey to think about what you hope to achieve. Are you seeking relaxation, discovery, a chance to recharge, detox or learn something new? Our experts know the right questions to ask but its a good idea to give this some thought before hand to help maximize your experience.

Be open to new experiences

Travel gives you the opportunity to experience new destinations, cultures and activities. Step outside your comfort zone by visiting a local village, perhaps experiencing a Himalayan retreat or Hindu prayer and song. Your spirit will be forever grateful.


Wellness resorts such as Canyon Ranch offer dozens of activities each day. If you’ve always wanted to try TRX, tai chi, meditation, or aerial yoga, this is your opportunity!  Take advantage of the chance to try new activities.

Digital detox

Allow yourself an opportunity to disconnect and recharge. A vacation spent disconnected can feel like the ultimate luxury.