Wellness Bride to Be Celebration?

Let's just say I was a little "chary" when I was asked to help plan a "Bride to Be", Bachelorette or "Hen Party" as they say in the UK. But these ladies were unique. They were seeking a sophisticated experience, one that would allow them time together to be ladies and celebrate their dearest friend. They wanted spa, yoga, a Moroccan themed culinary event and a sleepover in the most monumental suite. To them, the idea of spending the day in the spa with facials and massages was the ultimate celebration. I may have to agree!

So when I found the perfect venue that had everything they were hoping for, they couldn't have been more excited to celebrate.

Wellness is a broad term and a personal one, as it can mean different things to different people. We define wellness experiences as those that cater to the mind, body and soul and leave you feeling better than before.

We are wishing the bride to be the ultimate wellness experience, what a great way to help her relax during one of the most epic moments of her life. This lovely group of ladies will be enjoying a weekend celebration at this charming Moroccan inspired boutique hotel, located in Indian Wells, California: