Inspo Travel’s ultimate tips and tricks on how to deal with jet lag

Tips to help deal with jet lag

Tips to help deal with jet lag

Calling all travelers! Traveling is such a rewarding experience great for wellness, relaxation and experiencing new things however, jet lag can hit us really hard once all of the fun has ended. If you travel regularly or you have a trip coming up, it is important to find techniques for dealing with the struggles of jet lag. So… we are here to provide you with just that!

Start adapting before the trip

One of the best ways to cope with jet lag is to change the time whilst on the plane so that you are all set and ready to go when you arrive at your travel destination. This can simply be done by changing the time on your watch, the clock on your phone etc. Yes, this is more of a psychological approach, but it will help you get into your new routine before you’ve arrived! Preparing before your trip is especially important when you are flying east because the east will cause you to feel like your days are getting shorter as opposed to flying west which makes you feel like the days are longer. Another way that you can adapt is by getting up earlier or later depending on whether you are traveling east or west. You can start adapting way before booking your flights as the time that you fly and where you are traveling to can have a significant effect on how jet lagged you will feel.


This is a simple but effective tip, but you need to be drinking water before, during and after your flight. Flights can really dehydrate you, so it is important to stay on top of this. Whilst you are adjusting, it’s important to avoid alcohol and caffeine 4 hours before you sleep… but once you have adjusted, away you go!


See the light! Natural exposure to the light can help to regulate our circadian rhythms (circadian rhythms become irregular as a result of jet lag). It has been suggested that when traveling west, bright morning light will help in your new destination and it is best to avoid afternoon and evening light exposure. This will help to shift your ‘body clock’ so that you will feel increasingly rested, relaxed and well throughout the process of settling in to your new destination.

Hot bath

 If you are a lover of taking a nice, long, hot bath then this is probably one of the best tips and tricks that you can follow! The heat will relax you just before bed time but the temperature drop that your body experiences once you get out of the bath will help towards further relaxation and helping you to sleep.

If you need help and support with booking your trip in a way that will help to ease jet lag, then contact Inspo Travel. We provide bespoke travel design services which means we can take jet lag into account when arranging locations and flights which are best for you.