Frequently Asked Questions

How does INSPO Travel work?

In 3 simple steps:

1/ You select your desired services and complete your personal profile.

2/ We will connect you to one of our travel designers who will work together with you to design your next most memorable vacation according to your style and preferences. You will receive an initial draft of your tailor made travel plan within 48 hours or less.

3/ Once you are 100% happy with your custom plan, you will confirm your trip through our secure payment system.

Can INSPO Travel help me with any destination?

Yes, we cover the globe and can assist you no matter where you need to go.

Can INSPO Travel help me with multiple destinations?

Yes, we can design a made for you multi-destination itinerary.

When will I receive my itinerary?

Our promise to you is that you will hear from your dedicated travel designer and will receive an initial draft of your tailor made daily travel plan within 48 hours or less.

Does INSPO Travel provide pre-made plans?

No, we design customized daily travel plans based on your specific style, preferences and budgetary requirements.

Does INSPO Travel work with any budget?

Yes, we will do our best to provide you with the best options available within your budget requirements.

Does INSPO Travel offer special rates?

Yes, through our networks we have access to special rates, exclusive offers and value-add amenities comparable to Amex platinum and centurion.

Does INSPO Travel assist families, solo travelers, honeymooners, groups?

Yes, we can design tailored experiences for all types of travelers.

Can INSPO Travel help with flight bookings?

Yes, through our affiliation with First in Service Travel we have an air desk to assist with first, business, economy or private air options when needed.

Can I continue to book my flights through Amex as I am a platinum or centurion card member?

Yes, you can continue to book your flights through Amex once confirmed just provide us with your flight details and we will add it to your web based itinerary so you can receive updates and have access to your complete plan while on the go.

Can INSPO Travel help with cruise bookings?

Yes, we can present you with cruise options and design your pre and post experience as well.

Can INSPO Travel help with Airbnb bookings?

No, we do not book Airbnb. We can design your trip and if you would like to book with Airbnb you will need to make this booking and accept liability on your own.

Can INSPO Travel help with transfers, rental car, train or ferry tickets?

Yes, we will arrange any and all transportation requirements to get you where you need to go.

Can INSPO Travel help with Private Villas, B&B’s and Hotels & Resorts?

Yes, we work with professional management companies to source private Villas. We can book any hotel, b&b or resort anywhere in the world.

Will I be able to access my itinerary offline and/or while on my trip?

Yes, you will be able to save your itinerary as a pdf file to store on your phone or computer. You will be able to access your itinerary through a mobile application which features live updates.

How much does it cost to use INSPO Travel?

You select the service that works best for you. We do not charge if you already have a plan and simply want us to book it and provide you with access to our mobile app technology so you can access your plan while on the go with a guide to the local destination. If you need assistance with research, planning and the overall design of your trip we charge a small design fee to cover our time and expertise. All of our rates and fees are clearly outlined so you know what to expect.

What if I find cheaper prices elsewhere on the web?

It is rare that you’ll find a cheaper price for exactly the same product. Often times we have access to exclusive rates, perks and benefits through our networks. However, should you find a cheaper rate just let us know as we can almost always match it.

How do I know that your advice is unbiased?

We provide you with the best options according to your style and preferences with your budget in mind so you can decide what is best for you. The decision is always yours. If you don’t like our recommendations we go back and provide you with more until you are satisfied.

Who are the travel designers?

Our travel designers are industry professionals who frequent industry events to meet one on one with suppliers to ensure we are up to date and knowledgeable in terms of product, services and offerings. We utilize our network and local partners to deliver a first class experience. .

How do I know I can trust INSPO Travel?

We are members of ASTA (The Association of Travel Agents), a symbol of professionalism and integrity. We operate at high standards.

Who is the team behind INSPO Travel?

INSPO Travel was founded by Nicole Vaziri, a former award winning corporate executive for leading hotel brands such as Hyatt, KOR Hotel Group and Sofitel. She has been a proud member of the travel industry for over 18 years and has traveled extensively to more than 30 countries around the world in search of unique experiences. Her industry network relationships, knowledge and passion led her to create INSPO Travel. We are a travel tech company comprised of industry experts who are held to the highest standards and we provide our clients with a full-service experience.

Are you just like a traditional travel agent?

We are not traditional, we are a modern agency serving modern travelers who are seeking a full-service experience and a new approach to designing travel.